Empowering busy households so that you can spend time with the ones that matter the most

Radius’s purpose is to empower busy households with certified service providers in any community worldwide so that you can experience real value. With that purpose in mind, we are delighted to announced that Radius will be launching in Australia in June 2021!

Our multi-service app is designed to support parents and busy households to access multiple services to help alleviate tasks, and by doing so, allow for more quality time with your loved ones.

The Radius app offers personal booking services at your door steps such as haircuts for kids, personal trainers and beauticians – all experienced at the comfort of your house with the confidence and peace of mind, knowing that all Radius service providers have been vetted by our Radius Customer Service team.

Radius unique offers allows flexibility in requesting services by the hour and being able to add multiple booking at a reduced rate.

Here are ways you can truly optimize the services:
For example, if you book a haircut for one child at $15, you have the option to add on another haircut for your second child, at reduced rate of $10.

The same applies to booking a personal trainer, where you can add a few friends to share this service. It’s another great way to save and enjoy creating a boot-camp

Also our qualified beauticians offer tried and tested beauty products and allow you to add-on additional services like Botox in the comfort of your own home, create a party invite your friends to save on bulk purchasing

Our community builder app helps is a sure way to bring family and friends closer!

When we first launched in Bali, our founding team, including myself were living in Bali and our focus was provided on demand concierge services to tourists. With Covid’19 pandemic.

Moving back to Australia we pivoted our business to support Australian residents and the general population of households who now seek ‘home-based’ services. As such, we invite your feedback as we continue to evolve and improve our service offerings.

The Radius App is a community app and your customer experience feedback will ensure that we are always striving to make you happy.

We currently offer on demand booking services for hairdressers, personal trainers and beauticians. We will add cleaners, babysitters and massage therapists as our brand grows.

Download the app here (provide link) and access these services from the comfort of your home!

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